Spire's Shadow

The Littlest Vampire

“When asked about a coffin, Sumar and Salsan pointed to a shattered glass casement and told of a ‘beast girl’ who broke free of it and stalked off into the cave. They were obviously frightened of her and refused to follow after her. The heroes thanked them and armed them with the weapons of their fallen captors, hopeful that they would be able to keep their new found freedom. Sumar proclaimed that he would find the Ennin slavers who had captured him and destroy them. Salsan was more interested in finding Slave City, an underground refuge for escaped slaves.

“After sending Sumar and Salsan on their way, the party delved deeper into the cave. Suddenly, they found themselves standing on a beach in the sunshine with a small collection of buildings to their right and the Arrowhead, Linech’s ship, to their left. Farther down the beach, a little girl with raven hair played with a small dog. Before the confused adventurers could regain their wits, the scene changed again. Now it was night, the ship was gone, the buildings aflame, and the little girl stood before them holding an ornate pocket watch in her hands. Staring at the heroes, she cried, ‘Why? Why?!’

“Estin and Qumbarich were able to free themselves from the illusion to see what was really happening. Before them in the cave stood the little girl with the watch, but she was clearly undead – pale skin, red eyes, sharp fangs… Qumbarich noticed that Leovin and Bingle were trying to engage the creature in conversation and shouted a warning. However, the warning proved to be unnecessary. Leovin’s instincts told him something was wrong, and he fired a sling bullet at the nascent vampire.

“The fierce battle raged for nearly an hour, neither side gaining the upper hand. Bingle was the only member of the party to lose any blood to the vampire’s fangs because Qumbarich was able to wrestle her to the ground. However, most of the heroes’ weapons were useless against the hellspawn. Eventually, they managed to pour enough holy water and curatives down the creature’s throat to cause it to evaporate into black vapor. It reconstituted in the broken glass coffin, and Qumbarich staked it in place with a piece of a nearby crate.

“Bingle took the watch for later study, but Seanus demanded its return as property of Linech. The adventurers agreed to part with it, but only after Bingle used an illusion to make it seem as though the watch was alive. It demanded to be set free and let loose a chilling laugh, but Seanus just raised an eyebrow in disbelief. What Bingle told no one else was that he had only created the demand, not the laughter.

“One mission complete, the heroes returned to Linech. He paid them their promised reward, but Estin felt that he was more happy to see his watch than the body of his daughter, despite his earlier tantrum. She chose to say nothing though, as all had turned out well in the end. Or so she thought anyway…”



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