Spire's Shadow

Of Vampires and Gangsters

“Quillong, for that was the name of the triton, turned out to be a font of information for our heroes. He shared that the sahuagin, his people’s ancient enemies, were far from their territorial waters. He had never known them to stray so close to land except when called by the Horn of Blood. The sahuagin were bound to serve the masters of this ancient artifact, a coven of vampires known as the Covenant of Blood. Needless to say, news that vampires might be behind recent events concerned the party greatly.

“After saying goodbye to Quillong, the exhausted adventurers returned to shore. They had been so badly trounced by the crab that it took four days for them to fully recover their strength. Estin carefully tended to Qumbarich and Bingle, assuring their recovery. During this time, they found that the figures in purple and gold who had escaped the shipwreck were probably the Hussar, a warrior cult of Unnah, Goddess of Blades. However, they were unable to discover anything else about these warriors.”

“They didn’t rescue the goddess?”

“No, that’s a different tale, I’m afraid.

“On Leovin’s insistence, the group returned to Linech to ask for more potions of water breathing. Not only was he unwilling to give them any supplies, he became quite perturbed, almost violent when they had nothing to report other than the possible identity of the group who had sunk his ship. He yelled that he would accept nothing less than the return of his daughter, then threw them out.

“Leovin had noticed a cave near the water’s surface during the party’s goodbyes with Quillong, and he was able to direct Seanus back to it in the other halfling’s rowboat. Seanus again stayed with the group’s supplies in the boat (though Qumbarich’s prize shark had been eaten by some other seabeast) while they waded deep into the cavern. Within, they took down a few guards who offered little resistance and saved two slaves, the Uraqi Sumar and the lizardman Salsan. Salsan told them that they had unwittingly crossed the Balacazars, the most powerful crime family in the city.”



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