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A Player’s Guide to Ptolus

Organizations and People Worth Knowing

Praemal Gazetteer

A Brief History of the Empire of Tarsis

Daily Life and Customs

Character Creation Guide

Character Background Survey

House Rules

All of the background information is complete. Revisions and additions may be forthcoming, and a note will appear in this space if any changes are made.

There is now a (very low quality) map of Ptolus on the Maps tab. A much higher quality version will be available in paper form at actual game sessions for your reference.

If you have any feedback for me (questions, suggestions, complaints), feel free to start a forum topic or contact me directly.

The character creation guide is complete. You may begin generating your characters.

I have added a background survey. It is NOT mandatory that you fill out every part of it; some elements of your character will naturally develop over time. However, I want to get you started thinking about these aspects of your character, and any answers you do provide will help me craft personalized adventure hooks and story moments.

I have added a section on the house rules that I will use in this campaign. They are a combination of official variants from the Dungeon Master’s Guide and other rules that I have developed over the years.

Spire's Shadow

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